It's almost August friends. And fall clothes are coming. My heart's getting excited (fall is my favourite) BUT I have to hold myself back because it's still summer!!! It feels as though summer is slipping through my fingers but I'm ready to hold on tight...even if I'm already planning my fall baking...ha.

Remember when we wrote about our summer goals? We'll I thought it was about time I'd update you on things. I've actually completed some of them and that's a pretty exhilarating thing for this a-type planner girl!


  • Have at least three bonfires with s'mores and singing. (S'mores on s'mores? Yes please.) We've had two bonfires with s'mores!! (Lassen & James' birthday last Saturday) 
  • Finish the Pentateuch course and start and finish a new course. (ROMer, I'm coming for you!) I finished the Pentateuch and am almost half way through Pneumatology!! BOOYAH. 
  • Complete the half marathon. (One week today, that will be done!!) DONE LIKE DINNER! I wrote all about it here.
  • Complete the gallery wall in the living room. (Oh dear Lord, help me.) Ha, haven't been motivated AT ALL.
  • Go on one kayaking adventure. James is working on this one!
  • Find a healthy rhythm for this blog. (So excited to learn all about this and be so inspired at Alt next month!) To be honest, this one has been pretty hard, but my goal is to get posts to you 3x per week! I'd love to blog full time but I just can't, I just can't. 
  • Learn how to make macarons. I'm thinking this is more of a fall thing...
  • Have lots of people over for BBQs. We've had three bbqs since I wrote that post so I'd say we knocked that one outta the park.
  • Celebrate 2 YEARS of MARRIAGE!! (Booked already, sooooo excited.) Ohhhh, I'm SOOO EXXXCITED. ;)


I'm actually quite surprised with how much I've checked off that list this summer!

I'm curious, do you make goals for each season? Have you made a summer bucket list? If so, are you checking things off? How do you stay motivated in the summer? ha, sorry for the 20 questions but I'm actually quite interested.

Hope you have a fabulous Wednesday!