Ok believe it or not, I had my very first fish taco in 2013. James and I were in San Francisco and looked up on foursquare where we could find a good local restaurant. Foursquare led us to a local bar that apparently served the best fish tacos. They most definitely lived up to their claim. Those fish tacos were to die for. In that moment I was a fish taco lover for life.

Now I'm a little bit picky...first things first, they have to be fried. I'm not the biggest seafood fan, so I need my fish battered and deep fried to perfection. 



Location- Pandora St. (across from John's Place) Price- $5 per taco

Tacofino is one of my absolute favourite spots to get tacos in Victoria. Their fish taco is my favourite but the yam tempura one is a close second. I love their slaw and just thinking about the tempura battered fish makes my mouth water! Every time I've gone to Tacofino, I've had wonderful service...which is a big deal to me. We love them so much that every time we have an event at the church (parking lot parties, conference) we get these guys to come. Their truck location isn't the best BUT they installed some benches which defs makes it easier to eat their delicious tacos! Do yourself a favour and gorge at Tacofino.


Location- 27 Erie St. (Near Fisherman's Wharf) Price- $9 (for two MASSIVE tacos)

I went to Finest at Sea with my lovely sister, Catrina. When I arrived I noticed that they didn't have any deep fried fish but when I asked if they could do it, it was no problem at all. Now for these guys, the price is right. $9 for two MASSIVE tacos. I was full for days after eating these! They were also incredibly delicious. Their sauce had it going on...seriously I could eat these tacos for days. My only complaint was it took a very long time. I think we waited about 20 minutes, which in the food truck world, is a very long time BUT their tacos defs made up for the wait. The truck is located directly across from a park beside Fisherman's Wharf which was awesome because we enjoyed them with a fabulous view. I can't wait to sink my teeth into one of these soon!


Location- 1580 Cook St. (near Pandora) Price- $6.50 per taco

The award for the most creative tacos go to Taco Justice. I had the "Green Bastard" (pictured below) which consisted of "panko crusted avocado wedges, crispy cheddar, oh-snap and chipotle aioli, salsa fresca and sappy watercress slaw". COME ON! Even though it was vegetarian, it was freaking awesome. I enjoyed this taco with my beautiful friend Sarah. She had "Mr. Fuji's Intercontinental Chicken" (pictured above) which consisted of "Masala marinated chicken, grilled jalapeno and avocado sauce, Fuji apple slaw and cilantro lime vinaigrette". yummmmmmm. My only beef with these guys is they only accept cash (and they don't tell you that on the website) and they are the most expensive compared to the other places. That was very annoying but it didn't stop me from devouring the Green Bastard!


Location- 1017 Blanshard St.  Price- $2.50 per taco (very small)

Courtney and I ventured to La Taquisa on a lunch break. I had the Baja Style Fish and the Chicken Tinga. They were fresh and delicious but super tiny. I wish I ordered more. The nice thing about La Taquisa is they are located in a restaurant so you can sit at a table to enjoy your taco but the not so nice thing about our experience was the service. (As you can tell, service is a HUGE deal to me!) They were still yummy, just not as yummy as the other places I listed above. 

So there you have it, my favourite places to get tacos in Victoria. Tacofino will always be my absolute favourite but Finest at Sea and Taco Justice definitely are a close second and third.

Have you tried any of these places? I'm always on the hunt for new places to get food so if you have another favourite place to get tacos I would LOVE to know!


Until next time,