So I'm on the hunt. I want to find a great fall boot. I've tried in the past but I haven't found "the one". But this year I'm determined to cash in my birthday moola for the perfect ankle boot.

Here's what I've found so far...

1. Black w/ Zipper

2. Grey Boot

3. Black w/ Gold Chain

4. Black w/ Dotted Zipper

5. Printed Boot


Ahhh, those Steve Madden ones are quite fierce, I just may have to run into Town Shoes to see if they carry them!

It's Friday...hoooraaay! Do you have any big weekend plans? James and I are heading up island with some peeps from our church for a little worship retreat. Another #imwiththeband trip for me :) But I'm excited to hang on a lake with amazing peeps and enjoy one last weekend of summer of bonfires and tanning (it's going to be 25 degrees, that's still summer to me!!)

Hope your weekend is THE BEST.

Love you to the moon & back,