If you're from Victoria, you've probably seen this video a number of times and recognize half the people in it. But for those of you not from Victoria, I'd like to show you my beautiful city.

This vid was shot by the incredible Dave Wallace. He's a creative genius which I've had the pleasure of knowing since I was a teenager at camp! When he asked people to be in this video I was like, sign me right up because I knew it was going to be good. He captured our city so beautifully...and I even had tears while watching it for the first time..lol.

How good was that? I can't wait to keep showing off Victoria in my local series (I'm starting to research my fave coffee shops but here are my fave spots to get fish tacos!)

Hope you all had a rad weekend. The weather in my neck of the woods was insane! On Saturday we were living the lake life and it felt like July. Insane.

Sending extra love out to you today because it's Monday and you all know we sure need extra love on Monday!