Dining Room Inspiration

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Time for another house post!!! Today, we're chatting the dining room. Oh the dining room. This room is an important one for me. When we were looking we had to say no to soooo many houses because of their lack of a dining room. I just can't do an eat in kitchen.
I love people and I love food and the combination of people and food gets this heart a sparkling! Dinner parties are my jam (remember when I had 15 family members over for Thanksgiving?) So obviously, a dining space was very critical!! 

The open living/dining concept really won me over in this house.

p.s. how awesome is that credenza china cabinet? So wish they left us that and not the junky desk to the left...

And there's a sneak peek into our kitchen! We will be getting some MAJOR work done later in the year.

Again, I'm so thankful for the huge window in the dining room...(yay for light for recipe post photos!!) And the dining room is actually pretty large. We moved our piano and our big table in and it still feels roomy. We also hung curtains tonight...booyah.

So what I'm hoping to do in the dining room is bring in some plants like the inspiring photo up top! Lighting is also a HUUUUUGGGEEE thing aka that fan has got to go.

Now here's what's inspiring me....

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We have a table, chairs and a beautiful bench that our friend, Benson made us. But we need to paint some chairs...I'm loving that pink chair above. 
We're on the hunt for an awesome chandelier/pendant and potentially a rug. How awesome are those rose gold pendants? 

Here's a photo I took of the dining space mid renos....


So there you have it, the dining room before and inspiration.

Incase you missed it...


Happy Friday!