Apple pie 101!

Hello from the other side.....of the stinking flu! Wow, this flu thang had wiped me out since last Saturday but I am happy to report, I'm now in the clear! But the flu while pregnant = the worst!

 So remember when I made 20 goals to accomplish in my last year as a twenty-something? Well three months have gone by and I am proud to say I finally baked a pie from scratch! I've also accomplished a few others, but we'll get to those in a different post. 

My mum gifted my sister and I with a pie baking class for our birthdays and we attended it in November. It was taught by Chef Heidi Fink and I would definitely recommend classes by her!

Pie Making 101

We started out with a baking demonstration where she showed us how to make crust. Now the big debate is whether you want an all butter crust or butter and lard or butter and shortening. We did a taste test at the end and I preferred the all butter crust, which apparently most people under 50 do and most people over 50 prefer shortening! She also revealed how putting vodka (1/4 cup) in the dough helps keep it moist and more supple.

pie making 101

After the demonstration, we were off to do our own bidding. Ohhh another secret she revealed was when choosing your apples, you don't just want to go to the ol' granny smith route but you also don't want to go with strictly sweet apples either! The trick is to get a mix of tart AND sweet apples because tart apples go mushy and sweet apples stay hard when cooked so you need both to have your bricks and mortar! Brilliant hey?

While our pies were cooking away, we got to try the pies that Heidi made and oh my goodness, they were amazing. 

Pie Making 101!

Now my pie wasn't that pretty because honestly, baking a pie is pretty stressful but I'm excited to experiment in the kitchen and work on that lattice crust thang now that I know how to make pie (lols).


Well hope you have a great Thursday and I'll be back tomorrow with another Christmas gift guide :)