Today I turn 29. Twenty-freaking-nine. Usually, I'm soooooo excited for my birthday but to be totally honest, I just can't say I've been insanely excited for this one.

I'm not saying I'm old, but can I just say that 29 feels A LOT different from 28?!?!? 28 was a good year. I changed roles in my job, we bought a house, I went to LA, I went camping and enjoyed a many other adventures.

29 feels a little daunting because this time next year I will be....30 and that scares the junk out of me...and I know that's not a good attitude and I hope God will kick my butt into shape by then...!! But regardless of my insecurities, I'm determined to make 29 my best year yet. I'm going to embrace the last year of my twenties and (at least try to) approach 30 with a full and expectant heart!

So to set the tone right, I'm decided to set some fun/serious goals for my 29th year...20 for my last year as a 20-something...!

  1. Bake a pie from scratch. No store bought dough. No store bought filling. A good ol' homemade pie from scratch! Lard or butter???
  2. Seek God more than ever before. I want to know God deeper than ever before...this takes time spent with him and I want to make that a priority.
  3. Master making my Nana's lasagna...and spend more time with her.
  4. Go on a fancy vacation somewhere warm.
  5. Eat healthier. I know this is a given and an abstract/non-specific goal but I'm really wanting to improve my eating habits this year. Way less sugar, way more good stuff. I've been noticing that I just can't run off the crap anymore but I actually have to make an effort in avoiding it...sad days, sad days but that is my reality. I also want to try the whole 30 at least once!
  6. Join a gym and exercise! I've been running roughly 3x a week this past year but I've definitely cut down on distance and let's be honest, I have gotten real LAZY. I want to gain muscle and lose some fat!! So I plan on joining a gym and actually going to those exercise classes because let's face it, me in front of a mirrored wall with weights is kind of a hopeless/clueless situation right now...ha
  7. Improve photography. I'm really excited about this one. I really enjoy taking photos and I'm keen to improve my skills.
  8. Rebrand this blog. It's been two years since I last rebranded and I'm itching for a new look. I have some ideas that I'm excited to implement!
  9. Continue my distance education. This one doesn't thrill me entirely because it takes a lot of hard work BUT I know education is good a good thing! I have an end goal in mind and all the learning will only be beneficial for what God has called me to do!
  10. Mentor. I want to sow into future leaders. I'm blessed to have incredible mentors and I want to always be pouring into others!
  11. Make macarons. These seem like the most difficult thing and something that I would probably fail at but hey I'm up for the challenge.
  12. Go to a movie ALONE! Never have done it, and it scares the junk out of my inner extrovert but I think it will be a good experience.
  13. Do something different with my hair. My hair was long and blonde for 11 years and now it's been long and brown for the past few years. I don't want to do anything drastic but I definitely want to try something new.
  14. Watch all the Star Wars movies. I haven't seen any of them and James loves them so I'm going to give them a try.
  15. Give more grace...in marriage, and other relationships as well.
  16. Master the cat eye.....why is one eye different than the other EVERY TIME.
  17. Read at least 25 books.
  18. Find opportunities to be generous.
  19. Speak life over and about others. Refrain from speaking anything but life-giving things about others.
  20. Go to Disneyland! This one is probably not going to happen but a girl can dream right?!


There you have it, 20 goals for the my last year as a 20-something. Now here's to my best year yet. Happy Birthday to me!

Stay gold,