Merry Christmas!

Happy Friday everyone! Are you in the Christmas mood yet? It's hit me HARD. Probably because I spent last weekend either on the couch or with my head in a bowl....PTL my flu is GONE. 

I watched The Holiday last night and cried approx 10 times....the old man walking, the cute little girls, the love, oh the love....it may be pregnancy hormones, but I don't even care, it was the greatest. 

This weekend I plan to do all the Christmas things I missed out on last week! There's a Holiday City happening downtown and I'm excited to hit that up on Saturday along with my church's kid's Christmas musical! And on Monday I'm planning to GET MY BAKING ON. I have not baked in sooo long and there are about 5 cookie recipes that I want to bake haha. 

I'm officially in the second trimester and plan on doing a 4 month preggers post to update you on all pregnancy related news...but I will tell you now that yesterday I found out when our 19 week ultrasound is (!!!) cannot wait to find out if Baby Liira is a boy or girl!!!!!

Our Christmas tree and stockings are up (photo above) and my new Christmas candle just arrived! So this weekend, I also plan to spend some quality time in our living room watching a few more Christmas movies....wishing I had these comfy joggers or these pj's (hint hint ;)

Our lovely students left yesterday and this morning and man it feels weird to have just James & I living in our house but I will not complain because we are going out for dinner tonight and we don't have to make sure anyone else has food (GLOOORRRRYY!!!)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the second to last weekend before CHRISTMAS!!!