The Ruby

So there used to be this hole in the wall restaurant that was located beside this hole in the wall motel. I went there once for a breakfast club I used to belong to. They had a pretty decent eggs benny but the place was a bit skeeetttcccchhhy. Fast forward to now and the hotel and restaurant have been completely redone. A few weeks ago some friends and I got together at it to celebrate Thea's birthday!

The restaurant is now called The Ruby. The inside is super cute. Nice and light with big windows. Their vibes are pretty rad too.

How cute are my friends!!

I ordered the breakfast tacos and to be honest, the food wasn't anything to write home about. Yummy but not incredible and I hate to be a complainer but we had pretty horrible service....but I'll probably go back one more time just to see if it was an off day!

How cute is that vw van? It's actually what the hotel uses to shuttle their guests around!

The stunning birthday girl.

And how good is that colour block wall on the backside of the restaurant?!!

So my verdict on The Ruby is undecided. It's cute and seems to have a good menu but lacked in taste and service...but who knows what next time will have in store!


If you're local, have you been to The Ruby? And if so, what do you think!!??

Happy Thursday!