Oh heya. I'm still alive incase you're wondering. It's been a bit cray cray round here the past week....MY MAN CAME HOME! and then two days later MY BFF GOT MARRIED!! So I have been one busy bee...and I'm also in the midst of writing papers for a course I totally have neglected (why oh why do I always do this!!??)

But I'm back...can't commit to 5 posts a week but let's say 3 (I'll try, I really will). I have soooo many things to show you ...including all the #clungtothejung magic (!!!!) but for now you can stalk my instagram // snapchat (@lauraliira) // twitter // facebook // pinterest

and in the meantime, how good are these drawings by Bouffants & Broken Hearts ???

Cuuuuuute. Hope you all had a great long weekend!! Mine was filled with wedding goodness and homework catch up :( It's tough staying in on a sunny day but I know the hard work will be worth it! And hey...summer is SO SOON so I'll get a ton more beach opportunities! yipppppeeee.