Happy Friday everyone! Today I have yet another room for you..the office/stuido !! So far you've seen the suite (before & after!)kitchenliving roommaster bedroom,  dining room & bathroomNow it's time to actually start working on the rooms, ha. Our office/studio is the least organized...it's the room I throw all the things that I don't know what to do with, ha. BUT our desks are set up and there will be more improvements soon! But after all the other rooms....

Here's what our studio space looked like when we moved in...sans all the junk...and that scary baby carriage....

Office before photo

Ah, I can't believe how dark the floors were! So thankful that James decided to refinish them before we moved in. We picked this room for the office because it gets great afternoon light. We set up James' desk under the window and mine against the wall on the left but that's all we've done. So much to do but I think this may be one of the last rooms to get done...for now I'll just keep peeping pinterest.

Here's what I'm digging....

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

How good are those spaces? Now I could get some work done in there!!!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend! We're having a shower for Rachel, can't believe the wedding is NEXT WEEK!!!