It's late August and I'm getting the feeling that I get EVERY SINGLE YEAR at this time. Back to school shopping is in full swing and I'm experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms even though I graduated 11 YEARS AGO. (oh my gosh I'm soooo old) But honestly, I walk through walmart and want to buy all the things....please tell me I'm not alone.

Thankfully us "adults", have these things called office supplies and they're prettier than ever and we can totally go back to school shopping too...right??


1. Gold Stapler
2. BUSY Agenda
3. Pastel Pens
4. Floral Pencil Case
5. Polka Dot File Folders
6. Coffee Tumbler

I own that agenda and coffee tumbler and I use them ALL THE TIME. #BANDOGIRLGANG 4EVA! I'm heading back to work today after being on holidays for a week and I'm actually sooo excited. I guess that's a sign that I really love my job?? :)

I'm still not ready for summer to be over...but seriously it's getting so cold here and darker so much earlier and my heart is all like noooooo. What are you feeling? Excited for fall or want to hold on to summer a bit longer??