It's time for Part 2 of our Caribbean Vaycay!! In Part 1, I left you at the part where we finally made it to the cruise ship (after missing a flight and missing the boat!) After hanging soaking up the rays and playing in the bright blue water of Grand Turk, our cruise headed south to Puerto Rico!

We hung out for the afternoon in San Juan, Puerto Rico. As soon as we embarked, we headed off the boat to find a tour. Cruise tip- don't do their overpriced excursions because you can often find tours way cheaper off the boat! And if you research before (we did not) you could probably book some real good ones!

A lot of people ask us if we would do a cruise again. I definitely would. You can actually find pretty good deals for cruises and it gives you a chance to see a lot of places! Oh and the food....soooo good. The theatre entertainment on Holland America was so-so (did not compare one bit to the Disney Cruise I went on) but the music was AMAZING! There was a great classical duo, piano guy and oh my goodness, the B.B. King cover band was sooo good.

After Puerto Rico we headed to Saint Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. Once we embarked, we caught a cab to a beach called Magen's Bay. Oh my goodness, it was one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. We went in the morning, before the crowds arrived and enjoyed quiet time on the beach. I was amazing at the wild life. So many little fish jumping and butterflies every where. Man, it was hard to leave.

Paradise hey?? After St. Thomas we sailed north and had a full day at sea. Days at sea aren't the greatest but it was smoking hot so we worked on our tans on the deck/jumped in the pool so we wouldn't melt.

After the day at sea we enjoyed one day at Holland America's private island in the Bahamas. OH MY GOSH. This was the prettiest water I have ever seen in my entire life. We splashed around, ate delicious bbq and fully enjoyed our last day in Paradise. It was sooo hard to leave. :(

So so so dreamy. It makes me a bit sad that we won't go on a tropical vacation for a loooong time but I'm thankful and excited for the season we're heading into!!!