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It's FRIDDAAAAY! For some reason this week felt exceptionally long but I think it's the new exhaustion I have acquired from entering the third trimester! My belly is getting BIG and carrying around all that extra weight is making me one tired cookie. He's also waking me up in the middle of the night lately by having a dance party in my belly...I'm all about dance parties but not at 2am baby boy. Can't believe it's 13ish weeks until I get to kiss his sweet cheeks...eee!

So got any plans for the weekend? James and I are in full out nesting mode so I'm hoping to get a few things done around the house! If you follow me on snapchat, you'll see that he surprised me by doing a diy ombre to a dresser we bought off used vic! It's beautiful. Courtney came over last night and helped me plan out the nursery/studio. So I am getting amped to start decorating!!

I ordered this from Target and cannot wait to put it above his crib! I also ordered these plates & these plates for my shower because they're just too cute.

Spring is in the air around here! We've been getting some nice sunshine but also a ton of rain showers...no surprise there! I checked out the Essie Spring Collection and it just seems a bit too summery for me (not pastel-y enough for my liking) but I do dig this shade. I have zero inspiration to buy spring clothes because these days I just want to be in my H&M maternity legging/pants and a t-shirt. So please buy some white jeans so I can live vicariously through you....!!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!