How about that lilac though? The lilac trees are blooming all over my city and it makes me so happy. I really want to plant one of these beauties in the future!!

I have today off (!!!!) so I'm pretty pumped to get a jump start on the weekend. I have plans to hang with one of my besties, hit up a baby store and do some projects around the house. I borrowed a friend's battery charger so I can finally shoot and show you the progress on the nursery and the complete bathroom before! Our tile floor arrived and we are getting sooo excited to start this reno....it's crazy because after reno, it will be a few weeks until the lion comes...sooo insane!!!

I can't believe I'm 32 weeks pregnant. Next week I'll post my 8 month pregnancy update but man, time is flying by!!! We had another amazing prenatal class this Tuesday and man oh man, it's getting REAL! We assembled our stroller (we bought this one with the tan fabric off Used Victoria and love it so far) and my heart melts whenever I look at it. So excited for summer walks with my boy eeeeeeee!!

I defs took advantage of the Sephora sale earlier this week. I didn't get any new blush but I did go with this foundation instead of this one. I'll try it out this weekend and report to you on Monday how it is!

Okay swimsuit season is coming up and I'll be rocking the postpartum bod so I'm in search of a cute one piece...how sweet is this one (in black obvs)? I love how J Crew gives you every option in each pattern! And oh my gosh, have you seen these ban.do pool floaties

I'm 100% obsessed with snapchat these days. Seriously, I'm on it more than instagram lols. I'm posting lots of stories, so follow along if you like baby things and cats and flowers lols (@lauraliira)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!