Pregnancy style!

Oh my goodness...it's been almost a year since my last wardrobe post! Ha, sorry about that but ya, I finally have a style post for you...a short one...but still one! James and I went to a wedding a couple weeks ago and snapped these pics in his parent's backyard. As you can see, this dress shows how high my little one is sitting! It's a not a maternity dress, just a super stretchy one! (Check out the dress here! There are tons of different colours as well!) And I love it because it's not too short, especially with my big bump!

I'm 32 weeks in these photos and currently almost 35! A friend is taking a few more photos on Saturday...I'm much larger but still so excited to see how they turn out! I'm feeling very large but am constantly reminding myself that I am growing a baby that fits and it is an honour to be able to grow this little life in me :) Oh sweet baby boy, we can't wait to meet you!!!!

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