Three posts in one week...who am I?!!!! Now that I've started to put Luca on a bit of a schedule, I can surprisingly get some stuff done around the house and blog! Last night he slept for almost 5.5 hours in a row (and then two 2.5 hour stints)!! I cannot wait for the day when it's 6 ahhhhhhh.

TGIF! This week James finished a job early so we had a bit of an early jump to the weekend. We went for a nice little stroll in Beacon Hill Park (ps. thank the good Lord, the sun is back!!!!) and I was so surprised to see so many people catching pokemon! I think it's a great game to get people outside and active haha but seriously, a friend told me someone walked off an 80ft cliff playing and apparently ppl have had car accidents playing it. That's just so extreme...it seems fun and all, but be safe guys!!! Have you started playing it yet?

I'm on the hunt for a cute one piece for this postpartum body...how cute is this one from Jcrew? or this one from anthro? I'll probably do a round up post of some cute ones next week because I've found so many cute ones!!

It's date night tonight!! YEEESSS. I know in yesterday's post it said it was date night but man, my brain is pretty mush these days so I really have no idea of what day it is, ha. But anyways, can't wait to spend some quality time with my man. Hope you guys have a delightful weekend!