Happy Friday everybody! Can't believe this will be the LAST work free weekend for awhile. I go back to work on Monday but normally I'll work Sunday-Thursday. I'm super stoked about going back because I love my job so much BUT the little lion is being EXTRA sweet these days which makes it so hard! He's been giving me loads of kisses and last night before bed just snuggled right into my shoulder for a long time. AGHHHHHH. Thankfully we'll still have all day Fridays and Saturdays together!

This weekend I want to make fun memories but we're also in the middle of renovating our living room so we'll probably meet in the middle with some low key activities. Can't believe it's May on Monday! I have a lot to catch y'all up on...mainly the living room plans and update but also Luca's 10 month update. Hopefully I'll have that posted before he's 11 months!!

Our weather has finally been getting warmer! Almost warm enough to bust out my new birks! I got these 50% off last October so I've been waiting foreveerrrr to wear them! I'm thinking a nice maxi like this one and the birks will be my summer wardrobe...oh gosh, already so nervous about being super preggers throughout the summer!

Hope you have an amazing weekend!