hello kids,

i’m back again! man, it feels good to be home…yay. and you know what’s crazy? i was actually excited to come into work on tuesday. i know. i’ve been going non-stop for almost two months, and it’s not like i don’t have any work to do (there are mountain piles on my desk), it’s just i am so happy to fall back into a somewhat routine. and to sleep in my own bed…ahhhhhhhhhhh bliss.

ok so i had an incredible time away! when i last left you, I was madly prepping sermons for teen girls camp and lamenting over the fact that my body was not prepped for nanoose teen camp….

nanoose was soooo fun as always! my body was not prepped, it suffered greatly. i even managed to sprain my ankle running from my cabin to the camp photo (i’m probably one of the klutziest people you’ll meet). we didn’t have the best of weather, which isn’t too bad because who really likes playing sports in 25degree weather? not i. God moved in teens lives. it’s a beautiful thing to witness. i loved the speaker (Vaden Earle). he wasn’t your conventional teen camp speaker, and i loved that about him…and he could probably beat you up. for serious. he’s jacked.

i left nanoose early on the last day to jet home, do some laundry (well my grandma did it for me while i napped awwe), grab all my sermons, pack and repack and then head back up island to imadene! this is the 3rd year in a row that i was the camp speaker (i’m sure some girls are probably getting sick of me by now) well as always, it was amazing. i still can’t believe how i get to be a part of what God is doing in the lives of teen girls. serious honour & privilege. i had so much fun with the girls. and i’m so excited for what God is doing/going to do in their lives. my dream for the next generation is that God gives them realities we only ever dreamed of, that they cover ground we were too afraid to step on, that they would truly see the end of the aids crisis, sex trafficking, bullying, slavery and so much more. when these girls grab hold of who God created them to be and the plans that he has for them…wow…watch out world.

so i had to leave imadene a day early because, dun dun dun dun, dun, dun dun dun….my brother’s wedding!!! yes, my little brother got married this past Sunday! he married Emy (they had been together since they were 18 awwe). Emy is really the sweetest. she has a heart of gold and truly makes my brother a better man. i couldn’t have imagined a better sister in law! the wedding was gorgeous! i already saw a few of pics and i cannot wait to see the rest!

Photo cred: Jon-Mark Wiltshire

Didn’t Emy look STUNNING? I know, my brother is one lucky man!

Love you two!

Well friends, that’s all for now but now that I am home be prepared for CONSTANT updates! (yah, you heard me right AND you can hold me to it)

stay gold,