i’ve been a busy bee… as you can see the blog has a new look!! Many, many thanks to my friend Kirsten who helped me with all the html (probably asked a billion stupid questions, thank you for your patience!) 

There are a few changes as you can see, the big one being pages. Here are what the pages will show:

archive- self explanatory

random- picks a random post

gems- from videos to random babbles to pictures

diy- recipes, craft, etc (very excited to build this)

diary- diary entries

devotions- thoughts about my Jesus

catwalk- fashion, jewelry, hairstyles, trends (expect more of this!!!)

Oh, and my comment section is back, so please comment! tell me what you want to see more of!

stay gold sweet ones,


ps. My bestie, Rachel has drawn some beauty illustrations for page tabs, so watch for that soon!