Hello sweet ones,

How beautiful life is. Beautiful and ridiculously flying by, and if I dare to blink, I just might miss it. I started this post a week ago after I updated the look on the blog…(hope you love it! and it’s easier to read) but I honestly haven’t had the time to sit down and write until now (which is a 10 minute slot). This past weekend I spent some time with a bunch of sweet people. I’m going to Crimea (south of Ukraine! google it!) in just over two weeks with a team from my Church. The team is small (12) and ridiculously rad. We went up island Friday night and stayed at this beautiful log cabin esque place which is located right on a river. We ate together, prayed together, practiced skits together, laughed together, etc. I hadn’t laughed that much in a loooooooong time. It was delightful. I’m very excited to be serving Jesus with these folks.

Summer has arrived on my little island and I have tried to take the time to soak in every minute of sun. Yesterday I went to Willows in the morning and early afternoon with my moG. He got burnt…I got tanned :) Felt nice to just laze around. We both have insanely busy, beautiful schedules and jump at opportunities to hang out when we’re both not super tired. A few weeks ago we went on a day long date which included, picnic, ferris wheel, outdoor concert, azuma, starbucks and monopoly deal…such a gem day. And this Friday we’re kayaking to Sidney Spit. I’m sooooo excited/ a bit nervous as me & water don’t have a very good relationship.

Another thing I’m getting really excited about is TEEN GIRLS CAMP! I’ve had the honour of speaking at it the past two years and I’m doing it again this year. I have the sermon outline planned but still have so much prayer and prep to go so please pray as I need ALOT OF JESUS.

Well I best be going now but I promise to update you tomorrow too..(maybe some catwalk inspiration?)

hugs & kisses,