I’m currently writing this post while staring at MY WEDDING DRESS hanging over the board room door. ha. I’m going to my tailor directly after work. To save time, I picked up my dress from the store and obviously did not want to let her sit and melt in my car.

So there she is.

Just staring at me. (She’s a beauty by the way.)

It’s pretty surreal…what also is surreal is..it’s my WEDDING SHOWER TONIGHT!!!

yippeeeee! I’ve had the honour to see lots of gals from my church get married. The wedding shower is always fun…lovely friends, games, food & presents! And tonight..the day has come..it’s actually my wedding shower…crazy! Honestly, it’s going to feel a bit weird being at the centre of attention…as much as I am outgoing..I can be a very introverted person..eeep…but nevertheless I am beyond excited to be surrounded by loved ones!

We’re sitting at 52 days now.

Fifty-two days until I marry James. We’re going to start writing out vows soon and I have no idea where to start. Butterflies overload my heart when I begin to even think about what to write…eeeep! But I know the words will come, the Creator of everything will give me the creativity to express what’s in this heart of mine. I am completely, head over heels, in absolute love with this man..and it’s like God keeps opening up little doors of my heart, that are releasing more and more love everyday. Things aren’t always perfect. We’re works in progress and we know that they will never be perfect but we love God & we love each other. God is our anchor.

I thought I’d be posting a lot more DIY & stuff but July is insanity for me…

As you know, I just moved back into my dad’s house for a month! In less than two weeks I head up to Nanoose Bay Teen Camp & directly after head to preach at Imadene for a week! I get back on James’ birthday & then I move into our place August 1st…woooweeee!

So the DIY’s will come in August & regular updating…thanks for sitting tight!

stay gold,