I know.

I know.

I didn’t write a HAPPY JULY 1ST.

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE CANADA. I love being Canadian! It’s just that on Sunday, I was a wee bit occupied with watching my azzuri die to the spanish.. (boooooo!)

But today is JULY 1st. I haven’t been to America since my roadtrip to Coachella last year!! My heart is for Canada but weirdly my fashion cells scream USA. 

I own an american flag bikini, american flag crop top, american flag tank & american flag shorts…..odd, I know.

In honour of our wonderful neighbours down south take a peek at my lovely experience with them a few years ago…here!

And then take a look at these threads I currently have my eye on…

Source: freepeople.com via Laura on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Laura on Pinterest

I seriously want that freepeople scarf..fo reals!

In other news…my goodness I had an INCREDIBLE shower last night! THANK YOU to my amazing bridesmaids who worked so hard! James & I were CRAZY CRAZY BLESSED! I am seriously blown away by everyone’s generosity, love & support. It feels amazing to be surrounded by such amazing family (blood & church). I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

and I CANNOT wait to use the marc jacobs clutch on my wedding day!!!! (My amazing friends chipped in and got me the most gorgeous bag…seriously, who does that!! GENIUSES!!!)