it’s valentines tomorrow…the day when you really become aware that you are or are not in a relationship.

my advice for you girls is, hold tight.

i have a few of my old diaries. in them i see a couple reoccurring themes.

1. i was a cray teenager.

2. i was DESPERATE for a boyfriend.

i’m pretty sure in almost every entry i would plead and plead for a boyfriend. i remember reading one entry where i stated “life would be so much better if i had a boyfriend”. i am praising Jesus that he did not give the 15 year old me what i so desperately wanted and believed would make life better.

i had one boyfriend, in grade 9 for two weeks. yep, two weeks. before dating james that was my longest and only relationship. we broke up (me & grade 9 boyfriend) over icq. it was mutual. it was ridiculous.

so let’s just say, i waited a long time for my next boyfriend. the desperation of wanting a boyfriend never really faded. i’m a hopeless romantic. i longed for love. i met Jesus truly when i was 18 and nope, the desire for a boyfriend didn’t fade away once i accepted Jesus and received his love.

it stayed. but over the years it shifted. my mindset started to change. yes i obviously still wanted a boyfriend but i began to realize that a boyfriend wasn’t going to fix my problems. Jesus was the only one who could do that. i knew my boyfriend was coming so i did what i knew that i had to do…i waited…and waited and made mistakes, tried to make things happen my own way (and failed horribly) then waited some more and some more and then God brought james and i together.

waiting sucks. it really does.

each love story is different. i wish there was a step by step formula on finding the one but there is no formula, no equation, no do this, do that. you just have to wait. and know that God is good, faithful and true. He knows the desires of your heart, your longing for that special someone, and he’s going to truly work it out. just trust Him.

so what is my valentines advice for people who don’t have that special someone yet?

have fun!!! do not sit at home at mope….unless that’s fun for you…

watch sappy love movies with your girlfriends. watch a billion episodes of 30 rock. make crafts. eat chocolate. lots of chocolate. have a dance party. give your crush a valentine (i gave james one before we were dating haha) take cute photos and instagram them. go swimming. COME TO CITY YOUTH (if you’re in grades 9-12)




because your moG is coming. God is good, God is faithful, God is true. he has your special someone, just you wait :)