I received my second Mama Bear Box this past month and it was filled with goodies for mamas! Mama Bear Box is a monthly box subscription that has goodies for your babe AND you. It carries stuff from amazing Canadian small shops and $2 from each box goes to the Joy Smith Foundation which is a Canadian foundation that is helping end human trafficking!

How cute were the goodies in last month's box! I gotta say, I GOBBLED up those Smart Sweets as soon as this photo was taken lol. They were so delicious and only contain 2G of sugar per bag. So you can have your sweets and feel okay about it after.

The cute bracelet is from Devin Gem. They make adorable matching bracelets for mama + daughters!

I haven't tried I Luv It's Natural deodorant yet but plan to when it's not so warm out! 

I've been LOVING this Sea Luxe soap. It smells amaaaazing and one side has some great grit to give you a nice exfoliation! I'm kinda a soap snob so it takes a lot to impress me and I gotta say, I'm impressed with this one!

And how adorbs is this mama sign by AllyBeth Design Co? We're shuffling offices next week, so once I'm in my new space, this sign is going on my desk!


Such cute things hey! Can't wait for next month's box! 
P.S. Use the code mbb10 to save 10% off your box!!



I am a lover of I reaaaaalllly love sleep. I can't really sleep in, but I'm reallllly good at going to bed early (except for times when I spend the late hours blogging/instagramming #momboss ). So when I was pregnant with Luca, I read all that I could on sleep and as soon as I had him, I spent those middle of the night nursing sessions reading all the blog posts on sleep. I'm a hardcore type-A planner so as soon as I could, I got him on a sleep schedule...and let's just say he started sleeping 8-12 hours straight by 8 weeks old....I know baby girl could be different but I'm hopeful that applying the same methods and using the same tricks will help her become an amazing sleeper too!...(please be hopeful with me lols)

Speaking of are some newborn sleep essentials that I will start using from day 1!

newborn sleep essentials

1. The Ollie World Swaddle- Swaddle, swaddle, swaddle. Swaddles are life savers! Newborns have a reflex where their arms like to spring up and hit them in the head, and if they were happily sleeping, this would obviously wake them up. Swaddles keep them restricted in a good way. And these Ollie World Swaddles look seriously amazing. Super soft and gorgeous colours AND Velcro to make swaddling easier.
*Click here to save 10% off a swaddle!*

2. Finn & Emma Sleeper- This sleeper caught my eye because it has an open bottom. Newborns poop & pee allllll the time. I remember changing Luca’s diaper at least every three hours. This sleeper will keep baby warm yet makes middle of the night diaper changes much easier. They also look buttery soft and are made of organic fabric…win win!

3. Dockatot- Now this has been on my wish list foreveeeerrrrrrr. I have heard of the magic of the dockatot and I cannot wait to try it out on baby girl. It’s a multi-functional co-sleeper and playtime lounger. It will be perfect to have baby girl sleep in around the house while Luca roams.
*Click here to save $10 off a dockatot!*

4. White Noise Machine- Get a continuous white noise machine and use it from day 1. We originally had one that turns off after 45 minutes and at first it was fine, but soon Luca would wake up as soon as it turned off. Having a continuous one kept him sleeping through the night, so I say, get one from the start!

5. Soother- Luca only used a soother for the first 8 weeks but it was great for helping him settle to sleep during the evening witching hour! I’m hoping it will do the same for baby girl!

6. Sleepsense Guide- And finally, the guide that I pretty much followed from the get go. In it, you find amazing tips on how to teach your baby to learn to go to sleep on their own…which is the skill they need to sleep through the night!


Let me know if you have any questions. And please, send me your newborn sleep tips as well! I’d love to hear what worked for you!




Gender Reveal BBQ

I've got some more photos from our Gender Reveal BBQ to share with you today. Still can't believe we're having a little baby girl!! AND still can't get over Luca's priceless face...precious bubba. If you missed the original post, find it here!

The beautiful floral dress I'm wearing is from PinkBlush. I am seriously so happy I discovered this brand!! Their maternity clothes actually fit pregnant women well AND they're stretchy and comfy enough to wear postpartum too.

Baby Gender Reveal with Black Balloon

Going into it, I had a feeling we were having a little girl but obvs knew it could go the other way. Most ppl there also thought girl! I believe the votes were 13 for girl VS. 6 for boy!

I still can't believe I'm having a baby girl! Since becoming a boy mom, all I've envisioned is having more boys but my heart is soo excited to raise a fierce, world changing little girl!!

We kept the bbq pretty small with family and a few close friends. Normally, I'd go all out but we had Luca's birthday coming up (JUNE 11th AHHHH!!!) so I didn't want to feel to much pressure to put on a big bash.

Huge thank you to Rachael for taking these photos! If you live in Victoria, I HIGHLY recommend hiring her!! Serious skillz and such a lovely spirit!!



The must read books for summer 2017

If you've been following this blog for awhile, you'll know how much I love to read! I'm a bonafide book worm/nerd and my favourite summer activity is sitting in the sunshine with a cold drink and a good book! It's a bit more difficult to get my read on with my little munchkin running around BUT I still manage to getttterrrr done. 

Here is what's on my list for summer 2017! Would love to hear your recommendations from all of you bookworms out there!

1. Into the Water by Paula HawkinsThe author of The Girl on the Train brings out another thriller. I'm expecting it to be an easy beach read! Love these thriller/page-turners in the summer time.

2. Anne of Green Gables Series by L. M. MontgomeryWell apparently I'm not actually a Canadian because I didn't grow up reading the classic Anne of Green Gables....but I'm making up for it now! I purchased the whole set at a used book sale and I'm currently on #2. I absolutely adore Anne. Can't wait to read these with baby girl!!

3. Present Over Perfect by Shauna NiequistI've only heard good things about this book so I'm excited to dig into it this summer! The subtitle says, "Leaving behind frantic for a simpler, more soulful way of living."...yessss please!

4. Rich People Problems by Kevin KwanIt's the third instalment of the Crazy Rich Asians series! I didn't like the sequel as much as the first but I still found it a quick, entertaining read which is perfect for those poolside days!

5. The Paris Architect by Charles BelfoureA story of a french architect who is paid to create temporary hiding places for Jewish people in Paris during WW2. I have a feeling this will be a tear jerker.

6. The Identicals by Elin HildebrandLove these summer reads. I've read a number of Elin's books and although they're crazy predictable chick lits, they're still fun to read in the summer. It makes me want to visit Nantucket. 

7. Harry Potter & the Goblet of FireI'm a diehard Harry Potter fan...and very proud of it lols. I'm rereading the series and just finished #3. Goblet of Fire is next on my list!

8. Today Will Be Different by Maria SempleI absolutely loved Where'd Ya Go Bernadette so I'm so I'm pretty pumped to read this one!

9. Before We Were Yours by Lisa WingateI briefly read the synopsis of this one and it seems very intense...based on a true story about a man who would kidnap children from orphanages and sell them to wealthy families.

Now bring on the baby free beach days so I can actually get some reading done, haha.

Would love to know what's on your summer reading list!



Pregnancy Style

And just like that, I'm five months pregnant! This pregnancy has gone by 1000000000x faster than my pregnancy with Luca. I also think my belly is 1000000x bigger, ha. But that's totally ok, because I've found some maternity clothes that actually fit pregnant people AND look good.

Pregnancy style

Last pregnancy I remember going shopping for a baby shower dress and being soooo utterly disappointed with the selection. Every dress was either, 1) way too short, 2) way too booby or 3) wouldn't do up at all aka it was HELL and I left feeling huge and unattractive.

So thankful I discovered PinkBlush this pregnancy! They have tons and tons and tons of beautiful maternity clothes (and non-maternity clothes too) that actually fit pregnant people well! Gorgeous dresses that are long enough to accommodate your growing bump and don't show the world your cleavage...hallelujah!

Pregnancy style


How far along are you?

Almost 22 weeks! Baby is due in October and man this pregnancy is moving along QUICKLYYYY...which I imagine must be quite common for second time mamas.

How big is baby?

Baby is the size of a spaghetti squash...almost 11 inches long, which is a huge jump from last month! 


So at peace. If you follow me on instagram, you would've read that we had some scary test results and had to be happy to announce that the second test (which is way more accurate) came back 100% healthy. Feeling on cloud 9 and that I can actually get excited about this pregnancy. In the waiting, I had peace but it was definitely hard to be super excited knowing something could be wrong. 

I'm also feeling ALL THE KICKS! Baby girl likes to move, move, move!

Maternity Style

Food love:

mmmmm everything. My appetite is starting to go through the roof!

Food hate:

Spicy food is not my friend as heartburn has made a comeback this pregnancy. 


I've been walking to work a couple times a week but man, need to get on the whole pregnancy yoga and weights again! Because of my placenta previa, I can't do anything too intense but I always feel so much better after doing yoga!

Maternity Style


My PinkBlush dresses obvsssss!

What I'm looking forward to:

Can't wait for my next ultrasound at 28-32 weeks to see if my placenta has moved up....will also be nice to see baby girl again! Thank you in advance for your prayers :)

Maternity Style

Dress c/o PinkBlush (it's a beautiful pale blue but looks more minty in photos than in person!)