About 8 years ago I bought a beautiful one piece bathing suit from a local boutique. It was 50's style polka dot and it was actually flattering!! It's worn out in the butt so I can't get away with wearing it anymore, so I'm on the hunt for a new one. PTL you can now buy beautiful one pieces that actually look good...we've come along way!

Here are some that I got my eye on...

Favourite One Piece Swimsuits from

How cute are those suits? I think my favourite is the black & white geometric print one. Hope you have a fabulous weekend! We head back to Canada tomorrow at 5am...yaaaay! I am honestly soo excited to get home...cuddles with Coco, running with a cool ocean breeze, church, friends, my bed...can't hardly wait.




p.s. I have A LOT to say on the topic of swimsuits/body image but I didn't want to write a hurried post. Last week, I heard of this thing called the "bikini bridge" and I got LIVID. I'll be posting more on body image next week...until then, love who you are and enjoy the beach without shame!!!