Today is the last day of March....HOW INSANE IS THAT? It's been a very full month (I'm slowly starting to realize that all my months are very full, ha). 

Work has been full as we all worked hard and waited for God's will to be done in choosing our next senior pastor. But as of yesterday afternoon a 95% vote decided that Andy & Lisa Moore will be our LEAD PASTORS (insert praise hands emoticon 5x). I am thrilled. I've had the privilege of working for Andy for the past 7 years (!!!!) and I so look forward to serving with Andy & Lisa as my leaders for a looong time!

I did something crazy this month and purchased my ticket to Alt Summit

Last Saturday night we celebrated my incredible mum's birthday and tonight we're celebrating my father in law's! Hoooray! 

March was a fun month on ssheart. I kept up with my regular posting and readership has grown! I want to thank you all who read this. Your support and encouragement honestly mean so much to me :) That being said here are YOUR favourite posts from March...!



1. WARDROBE // 3 came out as the most viewed post this month! These ones are my faves to make because I get to take pictures with my handsome hubby. We're shooting our next one on my lunch break tomorrow, so get ready for another one soon!

2. DIY PARTY CROWNS was your second choice. This was an incredibly simple DIY but creates an incredible outcome! My friends and I so enjoyed wearing these while we celebrated our friend, Cristina's birthday.

3. ONE WORD TIFFANY / DANAE / MICAELA were your third choice. This is where my beautiful friends shared their beautiful hearts and explained the words that God has given them for 2014. I love seeing other people take the stage and share what's on their hearts!!

4. EYEBROW TUTORIAL was your fourth fave. I thoroughly enjoyed making this post and plan on making another beauty tutorial in the near future!!

5. THAI PEANUT CHICKEN RICE BOWLS were your fifth favourite. This is an incredibly easy AND delicious dinner that I make at least 3x per month. If you're searching for a new weeknight dinner, search no more and go make this. You'll love it. I guarantee!


Again, thank you for reading this space!! I'd love to know what are your favourite types of posts. I'm building my April blog calendar today, so any input you have would be greatly appreciated!!!