Welcome to day three of the relationship series over here on SSHEART! 

On Tuesday I talked about NOT SETTLING and yesterday I talked about MY #1 RELATIONSHIP RULE....and today I wanted to touch on HAVING THE BEST VALENTINES DAY NO MATTER WHAT YOUR RELATIONSHIP STATUS IS!

 As I shared with you on Tuesday, until the past three years, I had always been single on Valentines day. Every other day of the year I enjoyed being single but stinking Valentines Day (ok to be honest there were nights when I found myself hysterically crying out to God, "WHERRREEE IS MY MAN!!!!!!!!" LOLS) Anyways...Valentines is the day of the year that has this funny/horrible super power that makes you very aware of your relationship status....Some people call it National Singleness Awareness Day.... 

But the good news is you can FIGHT BACK. Your super power is bigger and stronger. You got this. You can have fun and the BEST Valentines Day no matter what your relationship status is!

I found an old post (from 2012!!) where I gave tips on what to do and what not to do on Valentines Day, so I thought it would be fun to repost it....

Here are some practical DOs & DONTs to get you through the day…


1. Spread love to others! You can’t really be sad & lonely if you’re loving other people!

2. Eat LOTS of chocolate.

3. Pray for your future mate. (God’s got this one covered honey, TRUST HIM.)

4. Hang with friends! Watch a comedy, go out for dinner, have a party.

5. Spend some time with Jesus. He’s the one who loves you most.


1. Watch too many chick flicks.

2. Look at Wedding Blogs.

3. Pin your future wedding.

4. Not eat chocolate.

5. Let the enemy tell you, you’re going to be alone forever…YOU AIN’T!! God’s prepping your MOG (Man of God) for you!!!!!

When I look back now, I wouldn't mind adding a few more things....

1. Enjoy your freedom!!!

-Enjoy the ability to be able to do what you want, when you want. Spend your money on what you want to spend your money on (saving would be wise as well lol). Your life will not always be like that so enjoy it while you can. 


2. Take time to examine your life and make life changes.

-We all carry junk with us into our relationships and the best advice I can offer is work on your stuff. See a counsellor, go to Celebrate Recovery, find a mentor. Work through stuff in your past while you don't have the distraction of another person (and their past stuff). In doing this, you will really get to know yourself and the person God has created you to be.


3. Live your dreams!!!

-Don't you dare wait till your married to do what God's called you to do. Travel. Do missions. Start that business. Graduate from college. Serve at church. Go dancing :)


So what about you? What are your Valentines Day plans? Or do you have a fave sans relationship Valentines Day memory?

Would love to hear from you!

stay gold,


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